Edgar Wright Pulls No Punches in Exclaim!'s Scott Pilgrim-ified August Issue

Edgar Wright Pulls No Punches in Exclaim!'s <i>Scott Pilgrim</i>-ified August Issue
Yes, you checked out the trailer, the upcoming soundtrack (the deluxe one, too) and our excellent story in which we got behind the music of Scott Pilgrim with the likes of creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, director Edgar Wright and Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew, but they're old news to you now; you want something fresh. That's why we're pleased to announce that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will grace the cover of the August issue of Exclaim! - and we have the art to prove it.

Come Tuesday (July 27), our August issue will begin making its way across outlets all over Canada, as well as be available online digitally shortly thereafter, where you will be able to read our full cover story about the ridiculously anticipated Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Of course, we can't divulge everything at once, but we can tell you this: the issue will feature in-depth interviews with O'Malley, Wright and Drew, as well as the above cover by Toronto illustrator Ben Shannon (Converge/Exclaim! fans might recall this little gem).

In case you can't wait just four days, there's also a pretty satisfying back-and-forth going on between Wright and Exclaim! on Twitter, where the director claimed that we maybe flattered him too much with our cover.

"I wish I was really in as good shape as this, but thank you," Wright posted on his Twitter.

We wish Wright good luck at the San Diego Comic-Con. And as for you, gentle reader, you'll get yours Tuesday. So stay tuned.