Edgar Allen Floe Floe Almighty

North Carolina’s Justus League crew apparently has a bottomless well of talent. Having already unleashed Little Brother, Cesar Comanche the Away Team and L.E.G.A.C.Y. upon the rap world, another representative Edgar Allen Floe is now stepping into the spotlight. Although he issued an EP late last year and has made various appearances on Justus League mix-tapes, it’s obvious that Edgar Allen Floe isn’t new to this. His baritone voice makes for a commanding presence and when he reveals on "The Torch” that he’s been laying down rhymes for over a decade it’s not a surprise. Floe battles the perennial wack MC on efforts like "Craftmatic” and "Livelyhood” and is elevated by strong production by 9th Wonder Krhysis and others. While his lyrical content hints at the fact he can get a little deeper with his subject matter, he sticks to a unified theme throughout. That being said, Floe Almighty is a taut, no-frills mix-tape that announces Edgar Allen Floe’s arrival setting the table and anticipation for a proper full-length later in the year. (Shaman Work)