Eddie Vedder Reveals Ukulele Songs Album Art

Eddie Vedder Reveals <i>Ukulele Songs</i> Album Art
Though Pearl Jam are hard at work on a new album and upcoming Canadian tour, frontman Eddie Vedder has been doing some solo work as of late, preparing a DVD concert film and a new album. Called Ukulele Songs, the record is just that: a collection of tracks strummed by Vedder on the Hawaiian four-string. Now the album has a murky underwater cover to complement the tropical sounds.

The cover depicts "The Lost Correspondent," an underwater sculpture from Jason deCaires Taylor. On the artist's site, the piece is described with the following statement:

The Lost Correspondent depicts a man sitting at a desk with a typewriter. The desk is covered with a collection of newspaper articles and cuttings that date back to the 1970s. Many of these have political significance, a number detail Grenada's alignment with Cuba in the period immediately prior to the revolution. The work informs the rapid changes in communication between generations. Taking the form of a traditional correspondent, the lone figure becomes little more than a relic, a fossil in a lost world.

In addition to the highly symbolic album art, U.S. readers can head over to the album's Amazon page and check out 30-second snippets of each track. While we can't preview the album yet in Canada, it will be more of a surprise when it is released on May 31 via Pearl Jam's own Monkeywrench Records.

Thanks to Antiquiet for the tip.