Eddie Vedder "Longing to Belong"

Eddie Vedder 'Longing to Belong'
This year is Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary, and they're celebrating the milestone with reissues, a documentary and a weekend-long festival. Although the band won't be putting out any new music, frontman Eddie Vedder has a solo album on the way. Here's that record's first single, "Longing to Belong."

It's a mellow ukulele track, with gentle strumming set against haunting cello and Vedder's deep, trembling vocals. It's a far cry from the riff-rocking grunge that the singer is known for, but it's sure to please fans of Pearl Jam's quirky, deep cuts.

You can listen over at Fuck Yeah Music Box here. Apparently, the title of the album is Uke Songs, but that's yet to be confirmed.