Ed Gein Ed Gein

Although nothing screams "cry for attention" like naming your band after a serial killer, not to mention one of America's most infamous, Ed Gein (the band) sidesteps its rather unfortunate moniker with a staggering three-song, barely nine-minute debut EP/single. Ed Gein displays an impressive amount of proficiency and ruthlessness as they transverse a host of technical maliciousness, be it grind, death or hardcore-derived, to deliver a debut barrage that decimates all in its path. Akin to fellow technical terrorists As The Sun Sets in their focus, if more linear, Ed Gein are more tech grind-inspired than hardcore, and owe a healthy debt to early '90s grind extremists like Carcass, being almost as malicious sounding and slightly more complex due to today's nature of musical boundary one-upmanship. Simply put, Ed Gein is a whirling monstrosity of razor scrapes bleeding all in its path. Die or get the fuck out of the way. (Hex)