Ed Banger Art Shows At Toronto's Studio Gallery

Ed Banger Art Shows At Toronto's Studio Gallery
Art and music have always gone hand in hand, intermingling in each other’s respective realms and, every so often, colliding full on. And right now in Toronto, such a collision is taking place, as Ed Banger art director So Me shows off the French electro label’s more visual side.

For the first time in North America, the Paris-born So Me, aka Bertrand de Langeron, is putting his prints up for viewing. The exhibit entitled Portraits, now showing at Toronto’s Studio Gallery, features 22 images from the artist, who’s behind Ed Banger’s various tongue-in-cheek album covers, as well as music videos such as Justice’s "D.A.N.C.E.” and Kanye West’s "The Good Life.”

"I had no interest in showing at first,” So Me told the National Post, "but now that it’s done, I think I like it. It’s nice to think that here it is, no logo, no label, just the art as something you can hang on your wall.”

Of the 22 portraits, 20 are of Ed Banger boss and Daft Punk manager Busy P, aka Pedro Winter. "He’s just such a goofy and likeable guy and very recognizable,” So Me explained. "I wanted to make him into a caricature, like a Ronald McDonald or a Mickey Mouse.”

The remaining two images are of the cross-bearing Justice, who told the newspaper they were taken aback by their portraits. "We’re all actually really good friends, so I think this is his way to make fun of us,” said Justice’s Gaspard Auge.

Portraits runs to May 22 at Studio Gallery (294 College St.), open Saturdays and by appointment. Each of the 22 original pieces can be bought for $700 U.S., while smaller 11”x17” prints are $60. The portraits can also be viewed at Studio Gallery’s website.

Justice "D.A.N.C.E."