Echoboy Volume 2

Echoboy is Richard Warren, former member of the Hybrids, and drone-rocker extraordinaire. His new release, Volume 2, follows in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed Volume 1 release and continues the audio experimentation between rock music and electronica. Picking up the torch that was once carried by the likes of Kraftwerk, tracks like "Siobhan" and "Make the City Sound" will take you right back to the autobahn. Other tracks are reminiscent of artists like My Bloody Valentine, µ-ziq and Tortoise. Standouts include "Sudwestfunk no. 5" and "High Pitch Needs," which lay down solid grooves and then add experimental elements, making for an engrossing head trip. Some tracks get lost in their own experimentation, but interesting ideas are found floating in the mist of this work. (Mute)