Ec8or The One And The Only

Digital hardcore, the genre that was supposed to revolutionise heavy music and bring it screaming into the 21st century died a quick death. Although there are few folks left abusing the bpm features on their samplers and drum machines while threatening to "smash the system," at least one of the better pairings (Patric Catani and Gina D'Oro) are still alive and kicking, although their latest has been welcomed with the same enthusiasm as a single, straight guy at a dyke bar. There are a more dynamics on this album when compared to the full on electronic assault of their debut, but the fast/slow tempos and organic/processed sounds do nothing to help the fact that these are weak songs. There seems to be no real rhyme, reason or flow to any of these tracks, despite the use of sampled guitars/guitar riffs and attempts at structuring these particular riffs and samples. Folks, you're witnessing the death of digital hardcore. Also, be assured that we are safe from computers taking over the world for a little while longer. (Digital Hardcore)