Eating Glass Feed Them…To The Vultures

Eating GlassFeed Them…To The Vultures
Feed Them?To The Vultures is everything modern hardcore should be: blunt, chaotic, full of mosh-inducing breakdowns and excessive to the point of ridiculousness. Second only to Cryptic Slaughter's 1986 debut, Convicted, this is easily the most over-the-top chunk of caterwauling/pterodactyl vocals, Napalm Death-worthy, trouncing beats and guitar riffs that aren't sure if they want to be thrash or punk since. In essence, it is definitive crossover; it has a constant internal conflict, bandying between the two genres and thereby producing some truly expedient, hostile and destructive tunes in the process. That is, when it doesn't seem on the verge of total collapse, which it frequently threatens. If great art is the direct result of insanity, Eating Glass needed to be locked up before they were born. (No Idea)