'Eastbown & Down' Gets Soundtrack with the Black Keys, the Slits, Too Short, the Stooges

'Eastbown & Down' Gets Soundtrack with the Black Keys, the Slits, Too Short, the Stooges
If you're one of those people who can't get enough of Kenny Powers' pathetically hilarious life, you'll be pleased to know that the minds behind the HBO show have announced plans for an official Eastbound & Down soundtrack.

The double-disc release is due on April 24 via Fat Possum, and will take a slightly different approach to the television soundtrack release. Rather than just drop some songs that have appeared on the show, a press release calls it "the ultimate mixtape for the new millenium" with tracks that were "handpicked by Kenny Powers himself."

Powers isn't the only fictional character involved, however, as the album's liner notes were written by bumbling sidekick Stevie Janowski (aka Cherry Blossom), who writes that this is "the music that Kenny Powers rocks out to when he's getting ready in the morning. This is the music Kenny Powers listens to in the late hours, when the night terrors come and we are all children again."

That music includes previously released tracks from the Black Keys, the Stooges, the Slits, Too Short and others. The songs are interspersed with dialogue from the show, because every good mixtape has spoken word tracks like "Make Her Cum" and "Sucking Your Dream's Dick." Check out the full tracklisting below.

Eastbown & Down Soundtrack:

Disc one:

1. Freddie King "Going Down"

2. "Make Her Cum" (dialogue)

3. The Black Keys "Your Touch"

4. Strangeloves "Night Time"

5. Brenton Wood "Oogum Boogum Song"
6. "I Sell Kias" (dialogue)

7. Too Short "Blow The Whistle"

8. "Two Hard Rules" (dialogue)

9. The Stooges "Down On The Street"

10. "Sucking Your Dream's Dick" (dialogue)

11. The Animals "Sky Pilot"

12. Ram Jam "Black Betty"

13. "Undaunted" (dialogue)

Disc two:

1. Lil Wyte "Fucked Up"

2. Los Monstruos "El Monstros, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut"

3. "Fuck You Mr. Schaeffer" (dialogue)

4. R.L. Burnside "Goin' Down South"

5. "Whore With A Regular Heart" (dialogue)

6. Kenny Rogers "Love Will Turn You Around"

7. "Neil, Not Toby" (dialogue)

8. MC5 "Miss X"

9. "Panochas" (dialogue)

10. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra ft. Nino Moschella "Kiss The Sky"

11. Child Molesters At Chuck E. Cheese" (dialogue)

12. Lee Hazlewood "Think I'm Coming Down"

13. "Make A Change" (dialogue)

14. The Slits "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"

15. "Big Ups/The End" (dialogue)