East River Pipe Shining Hours In A Can

Originally released on Ajax Records back in 1994, Shining Hours In A Can is the debut record by East River Pipe. Shown the light of day by Merge eight years later, Shining Hours… is a fabulous compilation of early singles, EPs and new material that has remained hard to find until now. Written, produced and performed by F.M. Cornog, the entire album has this heavenly presence to it that makes it seem even older and more classic than it really is. Cornog’s a gifted lyricist, capturing some really interesting ideas through witty anecdotes and analogies. However, his musicianship is even more impressive, using a variety of instruments to make some truly fascinating sounds. "40 Miles” has this certain sadness to it that’s not found in its words (even though it is about running away from your problems) but in its misty guitar riffs and the desolate slide guitar lurking in the background. Shining Hours In A Can is an album that should have been a timeless original, and hopefully will receive the recognition it deserves. (Merge)