Earth Crisis Star in PETA2 Campaign

Earth Crisis Star in PETA2 Campaign
"Veganism Is the Essence of Compassion and Peaceful Living. Animals are living creatures who have the right to live in peace."

That's the tag-line for PETA2's latest artist-sponsored campaign featuring the reformed (as in, they got back together, not that they've rescinded from being omnivores - they were always vegan.) straightedge/vegan hardcore outfit Earth Crisis.

Renowned for their animal rights outlooks that eventually infiltrated the extreme music genre over years, Earth Crisis are an obvious choice to join the likes of Mike Ness, Sick Of It All, Rise Against and Converge in informing youth about animal rights and personal health.

The advertisement is timed perfectly to coincide with the release of Earth Crisis's latest full-length, To The Death, issued this month. Going a step beyond appearing in the ads though, Earth Crisis have also ensured that the first 13,000 copies of To The Death contain PETA2's "Meat Is Murder" sticker and that their "Free For All" marketing slogan sticker will be adhered to the front of every album. Furthermore, for a limited time, visitors to can register to win an Earth Crisis merch pack containing a copy of To the Death, as well as their "Animal Liberation" shirt. Talk about supporting a cause.

Striving to inspire kids to challenge outdated and cruel attitudes about animals, PETA2 utilizes the assistance of public figures, predominantly musicians, to incite change. All of their information, including celebrity interviews, message boards, merchandise, downloadable voicemail recordings and contests for prizes such as concert tickets, iPods and more are available at