Earlymay Little Answers

In 2004, it seemed like the world was Earlymay’s oyster. The New York band’s debut album had garnered some decent reviews and their live reputation has led to them touring with the Killers as a support act. They were more than able to hold their own against Las Vegas’s favourite sons and the future looked bright. These days, however, things aren’t quite so bright. Little Answers, their new EP, is disappointing in that even over the duration of six songs, the band can’t quite maintain the quality control and much of it is very ordinary indeed. Even more disturbing is that the two weakest songs ("Wonderful” and "Piece of Mind”) were written solely by Bradley Peterson without the help of former guitarist Aaron Crocker, who decided to pursue a solo career instead. Perhaps the future of Earlymay isn’t looking quite as rosy as it did after their debut appeared, or maybe they are just finding their feet again after a major personnel change. Either way, Little Answers just doesn’t live up to the promise the band once possessed. (Hinge)