Eames Era The Second EP

Sometimes less is more. Rather than trying to push the boundaries of rock music, Louisiana quintet the Eames Era have decided to embrace the world of pop music instead and based on their debut release, they’re doing a damn fine job. The Second EP does everything right. It leads off with the irresistible pop of "Could Be Everything,” which recalls the glory of Velocity Girl when they were at the top of their game, and finishes with buzzing guitars on "I Said.” The band are perfectly suited to the EP format because it allows them to present all their strengths without any of their potential weaknesses rearing their ugly head —leaving the listener wanting more. In a world where Rilo Kiley is poised at the brink of being huge, there’s definitely a place for the Eames Era, especially if they can produce a whole album of songs as catchy as this. (C-Student)