Eagleheart Dreamtherapy

Eagleheart are a classic power metal band from Brno in the Czech Republic. Dreamtherapy is their second full-length album, following 2008's Moment Of Life. There's something about the portmanteau and its relationship to power metal that inspires a certain amount of wariness ― both the moniker and title employ this dubious literary device. However, Eagleheart quickly dispense with any misgivings about unnecessary goofiness, and have produced quite a tight offering with Dreamtherapy. The band are very much about classic heavy metal and aren't striving to innovate. This album clearly draws a great deal of inspiration from Stratovarious; you can also feel the influence of producer Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween and Masterplan). Dreamtherapy is a bit quicker paced than the average melodic power metal offering; it has a great pace and flow, the music flickering past bright and nimble as a minnow. The record is characterized by graceful guitar solos (i.e., "Lost in the Dead End"), which adds to the forward momentum. The keyboards are fully integrated into the sound, providing strong melody lines and flourishes, as well as atmospheric intros and outros, especially on "Burned By the Sun." Dreamtherapy is bright and engaging, very easy to listen to and a great way for power metal fans to tide themselves over until a juggernaut like Blind Guardian release another record. (Scarlet)