Each Other

Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 21

Each OtherMetropolis, Montreal QC, September 21
Photo: Steve Louie
Each Other's charisma, heavy riffs and goofy stage antics made their opening set for the Unicorns one of the most enjoyable performances of Pop Montreal. Anxious Unicorns fans remained at the front, with friends of Each Other moving closer once the trio emerged on stage. The band got to work quickly, beginning with some sappy guitar chords and light, rumbling cymbals.

It didn't take long for them to kick things up a notch, which had the drummer moving at rapid fire pace and both guitarists giving their jangly guitar pop sounds a rock 'n' roll facelift. Everything from perfectly timed riffs, youthful harmonies and a hi-hat juggling drummer had the crowd going wild as they danced along to every song while the band returned the energy in full. Their set ended in a deep wave of reverb, a dual effort that had both guitarists doing a little strut and shredding for the crowd. After another daring hi-hat flip from their drummer, the band exited to big cheers and huge outpour of love from the crowd.
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