DYS Document Reunion Show with New Live Album

DYS Document Reunion Show with New Live Album
Before beloved punk singer Dave Smalley recorded legendary discs with Dag Nasty, All and Down By Law, the vocalist took part in Boston-area teen hardcore group DYS. In the early 80s, the band released the devastating punk nugget Brotherhood, then veered into a slightly more metal direction on their eponymous sophomore set before breaking up. A recent reunion had the group playing a few gigs, and now the band are releasing a new concert disc.

The outfit will be unleashing More than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion this summer. The live set was recorded last year in Boston. A tracklisting has yet to be revealed, but we're betting there's going to be crowd vocals galore on "Wolfpack."

"I never thought we'd have the opportunity to share a stage with so many friends and brothers again, playing DYS songs for a room packed full of fans, old and new," Smalley said in a statement of the special night. "DYS, Boston and the Gallery East all started my music career and will always hold a really special place in my heart. Over the years, fans have always asked to hear DYS live again. I'm glad we could capture this once in a lifetime show and share it with people."

Guitarist John Anastas added, "We did more than just dust off the old songs. We really tried to rework both parts of our sound together into one powerful assault. One heavy nod to the past and to the present, to our values and to our fans. It was such a great experience, we decided to keep it going."

DYS will play a few more gigs in support of the release. Check out the schedule below.

More than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion comes out August 23 on Bridge 9.

Tour dates:

6/25 Chicago, IL - The Rumble
7/22 Santa Barbara, CA - Sound and Fury
7/23 Berkley, CA - 924 Gilman