Dymaxions The Dymaxions

The Dymaxions play good-natured indie folk pop. Their songs are succinct and catchy, and they know the value of brevity — their debut album is ten songs long and clocks in at just 22 minutes. Songs merge into one another in mini-rock opera fashion, jogging through random breakdowns, keyboard melodies, hand claps, string cameos and other indie pop trademarks. Not quite the epic it makes itself out to be, the band seem shy about their potential and still reluctant to strike their own brand. Still, they know the formula, and they have ambition — they just need to stop taking notes from their Of Montreal albums and step up the confidence. Amid sometimes meandering pop jam-outs there are standout sections: — some great vocal harmonies and nicely executed riffs that could be stretched out to make even better songs. This sounds more like a representative study than a masterpiece, but there’s some inspiration behind it regardless. With a little self-reflection the Dymaxions will come into their own. (Independent)