DVA Fly Juice

DVAFly Juice
After the release of the stellar Pretty Ugly earlier this year, DVA returns with an eight-track EP, Fly Juice. The difference between the two is noticeable, with the latter moving away from more soulful vocal collaborations in favour of chunky sounds destined for the dance floor. Upon first listen, the four additional tracks not included on the vinyl release sound a bit weak in comparison to the four originals, but subsequent spins quickly prove otherwise. Fervent opener "Fly Juice," with its balmy intro that quickly drops into a floor-pounding beat before rounding itself out, is the perfect groundwork for the others to follow, as they all move towards a progressively bolder output. By the time "Fly Juice (4/4 Dub Mix)" rolls around — the charged, bass-heavy track capitalizing on the strengths of the original (looped, airy vocals and unexpected buoyant interludes) — it's evident that a push for the dance floor was the way to go. (Hyperdub)