Dutch Website Looks To Send Unsigned Bands On U.S. Stadium Tour

Dutch Website Looks To Send Unsigned Bands On U.S. Stadium Tour
While rocking a stadium is an act typically reserved for musical megastars, a Dutch website is promising to send ten unsigned bands on a U.S. stadium tour as part of what it's calling "live social networking."

The Netherlands-based music site SellaBand has previously asked fans, or "believers," as they're called, to invest in unsigned up-and-comers, and after collecting $50,000, the groups then get a shot to record with professional producers. The site, which so far has seen about 28 artists from across the globe reach the requisite $50,000, then helps distribute the bands' albums and takes a cut of the proceeds for the first year of the record's release.

Now, the company has partnered with U.S. stadium management firm ArenaFest for their "live social networking" venture, which is to combine gaming, dating, sports, modelling and, last but not least, live music.

"These are very large arenas that very few artists could fill on their own," SellaBand chief executive Johan Vosmeijer told the Guardian about adding a tour component to his website's equation.

"Once a band have managed to fund their album, market and distribute it, they ask: 'Now what?' What they need is to get out there and tour it, so what is the best way to do that?"

His answer is the ArenaFest tour, which will hold 90 different events in ten American cities, with SellaBand being in charge of filling the two opening slots at each stop with unsigned artists. Ten bands will be chosen to fill the 180 spots through a competition now running on the company's website.

The first event is scheduled for June 10, 2009, and the competition runs until February 28. For more details on SellaBand or on how to enter the contest, you can get that info here.