Dump A Grown-Ass Man

One would think that Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew would be busy enough with his band’s new album, but surprisingly, he’s found time for his one-man side-project, Dump. Finally releasing his second album (after his Prince covers record entitled That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice), A Grown-Ass Man, McNew’s own music lacks the instant appeal of Yo La Tengo, but maintains some lo-fi charm, to make this simple outlet for his own songs a worthy release. His first recording in five years, A Grown-Ass Man is innocent and candid, revealing McNew’s hankering for small, intimate recordings. Favouring distortion pedals and acoustic guitars, Dump wanders back and forth between sun-drenched ballads and sloppy, fuzzed-out rock songs. Featuring some fantastic cartoon artwork by the Sea & Cake man Archer Prewitt, Dump’s latest is a loveable tribute to the simple sound. (Shrimper)