Dumb Numbers "I Dreamed I Saw Jack Nance Last Night"

Dumb Numbers "I Dreamed I Saw Jack Nance Last Night"
Twin Peaks isn't set to return until 2017, but there's already a lot of excitement about the new series of the TV show, and now this has manifested itself in a new song from Australian filmmaker/musician Adam Harding's project Dumb Numbers.

"I Dreamed I Saw Jack Nance Last Night" is from Dumb Numbers' split 10-inch with Twin Peaks director David Lynch. The song is directly inspired by Twin Peaks: Jack Nance played Pete Martell on the show, and this surreal art-rock song is about an imagined meeting with the late actor.

An announcement explains the myriad ways in which the tune was inspired by Twin Peaks: "[Jenny Lee] Lindberg's bass line draws from its infamous theme song, Harding's vocals were influenced by those of Julee Cruise, and the song's guitar solo was recorded in the same double-reversed manner as the dialog from the Red Room: written forwards, learned backwards, recorded, and then reversed."

Hear it below.

This comes from Dumb Numbers' 10-inch series, which is set to drop on vinyl on October 31 through Joyful Noise Records. The series includes splits with Lynch, the Melvins and David Yow. The vinyl box set can be pre-ordered here.