Dum Dums It Goes Without Saying

To name a band Dum Dums is one thing, but to try and sound like a band with that name is another. London, England's Dum Dums is represented nicely by their title. Described as "One part Green Day, two parts Supergrass," the band's publicists really know how to misrepresent their band and insult two more. The nearest thing one can compare this band to is Canada's own Moffatts. It Goes Without Saying is the sound of a young band that lacks any originality. Like the Moffatts, Dum Dums thrive off using bubblegum guitar pop to coax the younger generation into tossing aside their *Nsync CDs for an hour or so. However, the band does manage an almost infectious pop sound on tracks like "Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts" and "Killing Me With Kindness," which makes it easy to see why they have had two Top 20 hits in the UK (keeping in mind that the Smurfs hit number one there a few years back). (Universal)