Dum Dum Project Export Quality

The Dum Dum Project is a New York outfit fronted by musician/DJ Sean Ginsmore, which provides their share of sounds to the Asian fusion efforts currently on the market. This release is a follow-up to Desi Vibes, which features a Hindi film music-centred focus. With Export Quality, Sean Ginsmore teams up with previous collaborators Jason Goodrow and Phil Painson and a host of South Asian musicians and vocalists for a more instrumental palate. The result is a 12-song LP with several memorable tracks that have strong potential on the dance floor. Ginsmore cites State of Bengal as an influence and gives kudos to Talvin Singh. Those influences that filter through the tracks on Export Quality have less of the ambient drum & bass sound State of Bengal tends to go for. Instead, tracks like "Jaani Jaan," "Madras Station" and "The Sharma Method" are reminders of that other British-Bengali dance phenomena, Joi. There are moments when the flavour of old Hindi songs, coupled with cheeky samples, also alludes to Cornershop. The first seven tracks are infectious, though not particularly original. What takes away from its punch is the inevitable need to plug a little Hindu spirituality into the mix. The results, such as "Nataraja," "Let Me Show You" and "Jai Govinda," are a series of chants and bajans that are tacked onto a generic dance beat. Overall, Ginsmore would do well to keep exploring his love affair with Bollywood. It reaps tracks that are more spirited. (Groovy Sounds)