Dum Dum Girls Prepping "Bigger, Darker" New Album

Dum Dum Girls Prepping "Bigger, Darker" New Album
Dum Dum Girls have released either an EP or an LP every year since 2009, and it looks as if this year will be no exception. In a letter to fans, frontwoman Dee Dee confirmed that the band have a new album written and recorded.

The record currently doesn't have a title or a release date, but it was recorded at EastWest Studios in Hollywood with Dee Dee's returning collaborators Richard Gottehrer, Sune Rose Wagner (of the Raveonettes) and Alonzo Vargas. They reportedly sought a "bigger, darker, more urgent sound."

The songs were written in just a week, during which time Dee Dee scrapped an old batch of songs in favour of an entirely new collection.

She wrote, "My recipe of marijuana and coffee has served me well for the entire recorded catalogue of Dum Dum Girls, and so I didn't deter. I lived in a sparkling haze for seven days, in an apartment in the sky, and when I emerged from the frenzy, indeed ten new songs came with me."

Dee Dee's voice was apparently in bad shape due to constant touring, but she wrote that it is now improving.

Fans can expect some "visual projects" by Dee Dee's collaborator Tamaryn to emerge in the near future and offer a taste of what's in store.