Dum Dum Girls Offshoot Kristin Kontrol Details 'X-Communicate' Debut

Dum Dum Girls Offshoot Kristin Kontrol Details 'X-Communicate' Debut
Earlier this year, Dum Dum Girls leader Dee Dee (a.k.a. Kristin Welchez) announced she'd rebranded as the '80s pop-geared Kristin Kontrol and would be delivering a debut LP this year through Sub Pop. She's now revealed the details of her X-Communicate, which sees release May 27.

The 10-song collection was produced by Kurt Feldman and Andrew Miller, though Dum Dum Girls producer Richard Gottehrer lent a helping hand as well. According to Welchez, the project has let her tap into her "silly" side moreso than her "stoic and serious" presence within Dum Dum Girls.

"For me as leader of Dum Dum Girls it felt very stoic and serious, and I am serious, but anyone who really knows me knows I'm silly, too; I smile a lot," Welchez said in a statement. "As the years went on, it was so weird that I kept so much of me out of what I was doing creatively."

The record was inspired by the '80s pop Welchez listened to as a kid, with touchstones including Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

We'd previously been treated to a quick clip of synth-heavy music via a project announcement trailer, but Kristin Kontrol has now unveiled the song, "X-Communicate," in full.

You'll find a stream of the single, as well as the tracklisting info for X-Communicate, down below.


1. Show Me
2. White Street
3. (Don't) Wannabe
4. X-Communicate
5. Skin Shed
6. Drive the Night
7. What is Love
8. Face 2 Face
9. Going Thru the Motions
10. Smoke Rings