The Duke & the King Sign to Anti- for Self-Titled LP

The Duke & the King Sign to Anti- for Self-Titled LP
Not to be confused with the defunct the Dutchess and the Duke, New York folk ensemble the Duke & the King have signed to the esteemed Anti- Records. On August 2, the label will release the band's self-titled LP in North America.

All of the songs on the disc previously appeared on the group's first two albums, 2009's Nothing Gold Can Stay and 2010's Long Live the Duke & the King. These albums came out in Britain, but have never been officially released on this side of the Atlantic. The new collection will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

The Duke & the King are led by Simone Felice, who previously played in the Felice Brothers. You can get a taste of his most recent group at the bottom of this page, where you can watch the video for the album cut "Shaky."

The Duke & the King:

1. "If You Ever Get Famous"
2. "Shaky"
3. "The Morning I Get to Hell"
4. "No Easy Way Out"
5. "Union Street"
6. "Hudson River"
7. "You and I"
8. "Shine on You"
9. "Gloria"
10. "Have You Seen It?"
11. "One More American Song"
12. "Don't Take That Plane Tonight"