The Dudes Looking To Add Vocalists

The Dudes Looking To Add Vocalists
Long-running pop rockers the Dudes have sent a call out for a new voice, in fact several new voices.

Via their MySpace Page, the Calgary outfit announced this week that they're in the midst of recording a new album that comes sporting a sing-along, and this is where the singers come in. The band are looking for the vocally talented (or untalented) to download and listen to a demo of the new track, record themselves singing the lyrics and email the recording back to the group. And, no, the Dudes say sing-alongs are not for sissies.

Here is the Dudes' announcement, which has all the details:

Hey, y'all. The Dudes are recording a new song with a wee singalong at the end. It would sure be super-nice to have your voices on that track. You want to? You can hear and download the sing-along part right here on our MySpace page! It's just up there with the rest of the songs.

A lot of people think that sing-alongs are for sissies, but I say eff that junk. I say, tell it to the moustache 'cause my face is busy doing this sing-along.

Seriously. Sing that part on your home studio, er whatever, and send the file to:

[email protected]

"[The] best format would be a wave file but MP3 style is cool. Sing alone! Sing with your pals! Sing with your mom's boyfriend! This is going to be LEGENDARY! Good luck!

LYRICS: If it hurts, when you bleed... if you need, you can terrify me.

I think you're cool,

Some Dude

The Dudes "Dropkick Queen of the Weekend"