Ducky Boys Three Chords and the Truth

Infusing pop sensibilities with their hardened street punk sound, these Boston stalwarts’ first record in six years is a surprisingly catchy collection of great street punk. Played with the same edge and sincerity as their other records, Three Chords succeeds in making the band sound relevant and interesting without selling out their punk rock roots. Still awash in "whoa ohs” and shout-alongs, the melodies on tracks like "The Long Road” are as gritty as they are hooky, while tracks like "Fight” prove that sometimes being punk rock means writing choruses that just aren’t catchy at all. With 16 tracks broken down the middle by a fun little cover of "Stand By Me,” Three Chords is a perfect example of how re-energise your sound without having to totally re-invent your band. (Thorp!)