Dubb Sicks Lifestyles of the Sick and Fameless

The casual listener might be tempted to write Dubb Sicks off as another foul-mouthed, pseudo-horrorcore artist, and that assessment wouldn't be totally off base. Sicks doesn't hesitate to go for gnarly, gross-out shock value in his rhymes, and he likes to keep things as antisocial as possible. On deeper inspection though, there's more to Sicks than meets the eye. His lyrics are full of sharp pop culture references, and he even shouts out HBO's cult favourite anti-hero Kenny Powers. Add that to a tendency towards complex rhyme schemes and it becomes apparent that the gruff, whiskey-voiced Texan is actually a potential top-tier MC cleverly disguised as a shock rapper. On "Tha Anthem," Sicks takes what could be just another tired-ass tribute to hedonism and twists it into a weird mash of dark humour and clever punch lines. "Just to Make Y'all Feel It" has the vibe of a potential classic, with its deep soul samples and shout-along chorus. There's a lot more to Dubb Sicks than meets the eye, and with his skilled, consistent delivery and gift for crowd rocking choruses, he's definitely a potential breakout artist worth watching in the second half of 2010. (Backyard)