Dub Taylor Experience

In Experience producer/artist Alex Kruger, aka Dub Taylor weaves minimal beats, hard digital tones and light vocal arrangements in between frenetic tech-electro melodies and dub house rhythms. Commencing with the jack-your-body digital disco flavour of "Before You Go,” Experience bops more than thumps. The result is a playfully energised über-tech house whose digitised rhythms sport a quick-to-grab-you audio tactility. Highlights include the naughty techno slap of "Spring Slide," the loose but driven electro of "Flop Recorded Live," the electro frenzy of Ko-Hi-Nomitai (vocal by Renya) and the sexy tech squelch of "Blow.” Only a few unfortunate intrusions, the electro fluff of "Your Soul” (vocals by Vital) and the equally lightweight "Sweet Awakenings” (featuring the Kate Bush-like vocals of Nadine) ruffle the well executed tech-house vibrations. (Force Tracks)