Dub Taylor Detect

An awesome house album from Force Tracks that ranges from minimal techno, which has dreamy, dubby accentuations, to suave vocal house tracks. I remember early last year when a DJ dropped "I Can't (...You Know)," featuring Paul Fourier on vocals, and I thought it had to be one of the coolest tracks of the year; it's rhythmically chilled with elements of a classic pop tune. Another great vocal house track is "Dirty Highways," with Fourier singing in a wonderfully sleepy, laidback kind of way to more kinetic beats and psychedelic guitar lines. For an offshoot of Force-Inc., Force Tracks puts out some fine house tunes. I think what makes a house track stand out from the scores of material produced every year is when it soundtracks a defining moment of your life. Detect does this, offering something for every mood. (Force Inc.)