Dub Guerilla Dub Guerilla

France and Germany are massive for reggae and dub, and are producing some of the most forward thinking extrapolations on the subject. Dub Guerilla is the product of Tom Bennecke, a guitarist and rhythmatist who has attempted to design the ultimate trombone album. If you sure like to ’bone, it’s here for you, sometimes three deep. Technically accomplished and grooving solos ignite ingenious charts and ride rhythms that run from Twilight Circus to Thievery Corporation. Its jazz pedigree is on display with covers of Grant Green and Gunter Hampel. The production balances between easy going and smoky; lulling like acid jazz but also impressing with memorable bass lines and inventive sonic touches. No reggae based trombone album would be complete without a strong nod to Don Drummond, and the Green cover "Flood In Franklin Park” is a peppy ska/jazz number that would make Don Cosmic proud. The trombones reference the entire sonic arsenal of this versatile instrument from J.J. Johnson’s silky, rapid fire precision, to Eddie Palmieri’s punchy La Perfecta, to Roswell Rudd’s guttural growls and sound effects. The ’bonists themselves are impressive, and aren’t left alone, often swathed with effects and sound more like keyboard patches than brass. This is reggae that could never be mistaken for Jamaican, but it’s a very solid disc and would work well in a bistro, pub or on a dance floor, proving once again that interesting extrapolations of reggae music are happening all over the world. (Enja)