Dsico That No-Talent Hack

Out of the mash-ups and onto the tracks… What happens when a former mash-up wizard from Sydney, Australia gets pseudo-serious and records a proper album? Well, when you’re Luke Collison, a.k.a. Dsico That No-Talent Hack, you make an album that challenges the contenders at their own sport. In his case, Dsico assumes the sound and imagery of LCD Soundsystem, or at least their influences. Early ’80s new wave and electro jabs are the rhythmic clinchers that make You Fight like a Girl a captivating effort that holds its own throughout its pleasantly pulsating duration. Live guitars and bass, snappy snares, hand claps and cowbells — Dsico has a knack for piling up tracks with the right elements and letting them coast along with their own fine momentum. From the opening new wave noir strut of "Walking” through the closing acid-house-meets-New Order crawl of "It Started Fine,” You Fight like a Girl provides countless pleasures for the mind and feet. Even if it can’t quite compare to the meticulous (and expensive) studio-crafted edges of LCD Soundsystem or Metro Area, at least he’s proving it can be done well with slender means.