Drunken Arseholes Fight Death

Cee!!!!!!!! (that's right, a total of eight exclamation marks) and Big Moves (aka DJ Moves) return with another Drunken Arseholes album, and their colourful, pirate-themed, Awol one-created cover is eye-catching enough to earn them some random plays. However, it's not hard to imagine many of those potential new fans turned off by the controversial lyrics, such as the disgustingly vivid description of colon cancer on opening track "Cancerous (Shit Blood)," followed by the homophobic and anti-Christian "Boykisser" and "The Mealticket Pt. 1," the latter about hooking a physically challenged girl on heroin for her government benefits. It's not all in bad taste though. There are also anti-government conspiracy songs ("Hidden Agenda," "Fight Death"), battle raps ("Generic MCs," "Victim") and Maritime trailer park hip-hop ("Gaddam Beers," "Pogie"). Cee!!!!!!!! fully embraces his Halifax, NS accent, even playing up the pronunciation, at times, using an occasional, oddly-elongated emphasis on certain words. No use denying it, Cee!!!!!!!! is an unusual, unique MC. And Moves provides him with a backdrop of varied beats, from mellow ballads for "Nova Scotians" and "Love" to head banging rockers like "Fight Death," and old school throwbacks like "Victims" to the classic weirdness he's renowned for with "Pogie" and "Class War." Plus, there's even a little Maritime music with the aforementioned "Gaddam Beers." Moves also lays down a verse on "Nova Scotians," while the album features additional vocal contributions from Low Pressure mainstays Fatt Matt, Knowself, Jayo Smooth and Juice Crew member Craig G. Sure, Fight Death may offend, but it's also a diverse hip-hop album worth checking out. (Low Pressure)