Drums and Tuba Vinyl Killer

From NYC, via Austin, TX, comes a trio that creates some of those most strange, oblique, funky smooth and architectural jazz jams this side of normality. As the their name suggests, there is no bass guitar. Instead, the low-end duties are handled by tuba. When combining their trip-tweaked guitars and horns, the affair plays out like the early 1970s Miles Davis regime, with same-era Pink Floyd soundscapes that are fuelled by Medeski Martin & Wood's stamina and skill. Predictability is immediately thrown out the window and suave awkwardness replaces it. This is rather daring and narcotising to listen to. I can imagine that their music will be used as the sound backdrop for a future World's Fair presentation of the first true operating time machine. Get out your calculators, pipes, candies and lounge beverages. (Righteous Babe)