Dru The One

With this new album, R&B singer Dru represents an anomaly in Canadian music: a Canadian R&B singer with a new album. As the front-man for R&B group In Essence, Andrew Grange gave it a go in a Canadian R&B collective to limited success, outside of winning a Juno, of course. Now doing the solo thing, Dru's attempts to attain a measure of widespread success are perhaps outside of his control. There's only so much he can do - dude can sing, has that star look and has got the emotive range. And from solid R&B tracks like "Not Fair, Blind Fold" and the title track, he's got the mainstream urban sound down pat. He even throws in a bit of AutoTune - it's all the rage, you know - on "Would You Mind" for good measure. But realizing that there is nothing even remotely resembling a star system in Canada - even less so for R&B singers - Dru must know that the odds are against him. One hopes, however, that the CD title is a harbinger of good things to come. (Effortless/Universal)