Drillpoint Shot To Hell

Ottawa, ON's Drillpoint represent the current state of the music industry and what happens when labels tighten their belts: you have talented, unsigned bands that in a perfect world would get some monetary support so they can thrive. Sure, the reason isn't clear why after forming in 2000, extensive touring and opening for some big(ger) name national acts, Drillpoint have only released four EPs. Shot to Hell contains only three tracks, which show a lot of promise, in a garden-variety death/thrash metal type of way, but leaves one wanting to hear more. "The Walls Fall Down" is solid in every way ― strong vocals, tight riffs and impressive drumming ― but it is a bit difficult to decipher what makes this band unique if there isn't enough material to flesh out their style. And it's a damn shame, because they have a solid foundation, but there is an obvious need for support and time to develop their sound. (Independent)