Drift Machine

Eis Heuton

Drift MachineEis Heuton
There is an odd "ghost in the machine" thing about computers and electronics talking to each other and making decisions on their own. While artificial intelligence seems to be some kind of holy grail, there is the built in Achilles heel of a lack of consensus of what defines intelligence or consciousness (for a fun time, start talking to someone in cognitive science about this). The music on this cassette release by Florian Zimmer and Andreas Gerth is, for the most part, created by self-generating patches from their analog gear.
For the first three of Eis Heuton's four tracks, the duo created frames for the machines to roam around in. Listening with this in mind is like watching a focused child building something with Lego: slow, deliberate and painstaking, but with a surprisingly refined sense of form and beauty acting and reacting as each element comes into play. The final, non-self-generating piece acts as a perfect epilogue, summing up the halting stateliness of the machine with the elegance and speed of the human synapse. Fascinating! (Umor Rex)
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