DRI The Dirty Rotten CD

While it's a great idea in concept to re-release the Imbecile's self-titled 1984 debut with a bunch of extra goodies on it, this disc is ultimately for fanatic DRI completists only. The 22 songs still hold up just fine, but the bonus material ranges in sound quality (volume, even) so much that it's pretty hard to sit back and just enjoy this. The bonus material ranges from the band's Violent Pacification EP, several demo tracks, sub-sub-bootleg quality live songs and a pile of fairly useless radio interviews from way back when. Also included for the technologically inclined are five live videos from a CBGB's show. What little liner notes are included come complete with absolutely ludicrous typos and head-shaking grammatical no-no’s; did no one think to run a spell check on the insert? It's pretty important to keep classic albums like DRI's debut in print and available in stores, but if you already have that one, approach this with caution. (Beer City)