Dream Nails Give Riot Grrrl a Vital Update on Self-Titled Debut Album

Dream Nails Give Riot Grrrl a Vital Update on Self-Titled Debut Album
Dream Nails' self-titled full-length debut is full of the high-energy rage that the world needs right now. Following up 2017 EP Dare to Care, the London, UK-based queercore band are coming full-force after dropping singles like the fiery "Vagina Police" and bass-heavy "Jillian" earlier this year. Dream Nails are reminiscent of Bikini Kill, the sound of the '90s riot grrrl movement, but carry a modern flair.

Their album opens with "Affirmations (Skit)," a raw, inviting introduction to the band as they remind us that they're tired of being told by society what they're supposed to do as women. As the album progresses, the group do what they know — shouting their values and giving their middle fingers to the patriarch and anyone else who gets in their way.
At 16 tracks, Dream Nails seems lengthy at first glance, but each track is punchy and goes by quickly. The band put down their armour on "Swimming Pool," a dreamy song about being with someone you like, while "Kiss My Fist" challenges men's view of female sexuality with wailing vocals and a strong guitar. The DIY aesthetic isn't lost with spoken-word interludes sprinkled in between tracks, keeping up the lively energy that continues to capture their audience.

The band's hazy pop-punk sound doesn't change much from their previous releases, but further defines who Dream Nails are, making sure listeners pay attention to what they have to say. This sentiment closes out the album's final track "Big Dyke Energy," which is reminiscent of a sing-along at a protest, as they chant: "Don't hate us cause you ain't us / We're gonna hex you up." (Dine Alone)