Drake Teams Up with LeBron James to Advertise Drug-Like "Energy Strips"

Drake Teams Up with LeBron James to Advertise Drug-Like 'Energy Strips'
Toronto, ON-bred rap superstar Drake didn't have the rough upbringing of some of his peers, as the performer was acting on Degrassi while others were slinging drugs in the streets. While he's not quite getting into the drug game as an adult, he has teamed up with NBA superstar LeBron James to advertise a new energy product that somewhat resembles a big, red tab of acid.

The Daily Swarm points to a post on rap business site Woooha, that reports that Drake and Pitbull will help James in a multimillion dollar campaign to advertise Sheets, a new line of caffeine-filled "energy strips" that contain no calories, no carbohydrates and no sugar, and offer hours of energy.

 The slightly scary product will be released with a massive viral marketing campaign, as well as traditional advertising and free samples. We're not sure what Drake's involvement is just yet, but the last time he teamed up with LeBron James the great track "Forever" was born.

 For now, a video of LeBron ingesting one of these dubious Sheets is available below.