Drake "Can I" (unfinished demo ft. Beyoncé)

Drake "Can I" (unfinished demo ft. Beyoncé)
Though seemingly not the full song, a demo of Drake's big collaboration with Beyoncé has surfaced online. You can check out the pair's "Can I" right now.

The track, expected to appear on Drizzy's forthcoming Views from the 6 , features a thick and syrupy synth drone, slow-mo claps and lean piano lines to support his stately bars. Drake's verse strives for intimacy, and navigates planes of identity and trust ("Before I turn the lights out, tell who the fuck you wanna be").

So far, Bey appears in support mode via some breathy loops. There is an extended breakdown at the end, though, so it's quite possible she'll be closing out the cut with some hefty vocal runs.

You can hear how the track is shaping up via the player down below.