DragonForce Valley Of The Damned / Sonic Firestorm

Remixed and remastered just in time for the departure of vocalist ZP Theart, Dragonforce's debut and sophomore efforts, Valley Of The Damned and Sonic Firestorm, respectively, are unleashed with a special new treatment. Within but a moment of hearing each, it's clear how this modestly aggressive power act have become one of metal's more adored groups thanks to inspired writing and some jaw-dropping technicality. Naturally, most of the tunes fall into a kitschy sense of hilarity rather than rousing, anthemnic bouts of heaviness, but in terms of sheer appreciation, the enthusiasm and spirit that drip from Valley Of The Damned and the slightly more refined, experienced approach of Sonic Firestorm are wonderfully catchy. As for the aural refinements, they are negligible in benefiting the album, but the experience is certainly not hampered by a touch more sheen. As we wait to find out what the future has in store for Dragonforce, vocally, it's wonderful to hear some of their more vigorous early tunes re-energized and blazing. (Roadrunner)