Dragged into Sunlight Club Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26

Dragged into SunlightClub Sonar, Baltimore MD May 26
You are startled awake by a pressure on your chest, its hands already at your throat, hooves planted on either side of your body. The smell of the thing chokes you, burning hair and sweat. Your first thought is violence, that it is here to rent or consume. But then, as it presses closer, the truth, more awful, dawns on you: this thing wants you. If that visceral revulsion to a darkness that wants and loves were translated into a sound, it would be UK blackened death and wrenching doom metal band Dragged Into Sunlight. Composed of two long songs that dragged long gouges in the crowd with languorous claws, a goat's head candelabra only increasing infernal atmosphere, there was not a member of the audience left unravaged by the group's crushing set.