Dr. Pepper Looks To Make Good On Free Soda When Chinese Democracy Is Released Next Month

Dr. Pepper Looks To Make Good On Free Soda When <i>Chinese Democracy</i> Is Released Next Month
Let’s be honest: When this whole Chinese Democracy thing started heating up this year, many of us were more pumped about the idea of free soda than the actual album release. This isn’t because we think Chinese Democracy will suck (which it almost certainly will), but because we just really like soda, especially the "curiously candy-like” one, Dr. Pepper.

If you recall, back in March the brass over at Dr. Pepper announced they would give every red-blooded American — minus Slash — a free can of the good stuff if and when Guns N’ Roses released their some 17-year-in-the-making Chinese Democracy. Well, now that the album appears to be coming out on November 25 as a Best Buy exclusive, but what we really want to know is: Will Dr. Pepper make good on its promise? The answer seems to be yes.

A Dr. Pepper spokesperson has told MTV News that, while the details are not yet totally confirmed, the company indeed plans to distribute free cans of soda, most likely through some online coupon system. "People will go on Dr. Pepper’s website and we will send them a coupon for a free one," the spokesperson said. "It's going to be real easy."

However, the spokesperson said that the full details of their free-soda action plan (like if Canadians will get a can) will not be finalized until Guns N' Roses go on the record about the release date, which up to now they haven’t done.

So come on, Axl, confirm it already so we can get our fix. Like you, we really need to get on with our lives.

Scott Baio ♥s Dr. Pepper