Dr. Dre to Release His Own Brand of Cognac Alongside Detox

Dr. Dre to Release His Own Brand of Cognac Alongside <i>Detox</i>
For over ten years, legendary rap producer Dr. Dre has been promising that a new album called Detox is just around the corner. We've reported the album's release countless times, only to retract and postpone the official date within months. Rather than actually finish the damn thing, Dre seems preoccupied with reissues and fancy headphones. Now, he's adding a brand of cognac to his list of projects that aren't Detox.

According to Billboard, Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen have teamed up to create Aftermath Cognac, a Dre-inspired alcoholic drink that will be handled by cognac producer Abecassis Cognac. The partnership will also include an 80 proof sparkling vodka. Both drinks are said to be appearing "within the next 60 days."

Hopefully, after consuming copious amounts of rap-inspired cognac and vodka, it will finally be time for Detox. The drinks are intended as an integrated marketing plan surrounding the album, which is still said to be coming out this year. We expect the alcohol to arrive on time, but we won't be holding our breath for the new disc before 2011.