Dr. Dre Delays Detox Yet Again, Blames Lack of Motivation

Dr. Dre Delays <i>Detox</i> Yet Again, Blames Lack of Motivation
With all of the delays that come with hyped hip-hop albums, it's amazing to think that any rap music is ever released at all. Take, for example, production legend Dr. Dre, whose Detox record has been "about to drop" since 2004. Now, dude has delayed the record's release yet again.

In an interview with ABC News [via NME], the former N.W.A. producer blamed a lack of "motivation" for not getting the album out.

"Hopefully, I'll get it done at the end of this year, and we can hear it next year," he said.

We'll see, Dre, but we won't get our hopes up. Thankfully, The Chronic is still holding up pretty well after all these years.