Dr. Dre "Topless" (ft. Eminem and Nas)

Dr. Dre 'Topless' (ft. Eminem and Nas)
While we still don't have a proper release date to go by for Dr. Dre's forever-anticipated/delayed Detox album, the official single "Kush" has been followed up with an unofficial, and likely unfinished, leak of a song called "Topless."

The track has been floating around for quite some time, with a different version surfacing in 2009 that featured T.I. in place of Eminem. Obviously, Eminem is a much better choice as he cut his teeth on Dre's timeless beats, and this case is no different, as Eminem brings some chilling vocal lines to the track with his brief verse before Nas closes it out with his Brooklyn swagger.

Some are pointing out that Eminem's verse is extremely short and sees the rapper talking about Dre as if it were himself. This suggests that Em might have been ghostwriting for Dre, and Dre will fill in the track with his own verse later on. Either way, this is likely an unfinished version of a track that will appear on Detox if and when it ever comes out.

"Topless" featuring Eminem and Nas can be streamed in the SoundCloud player below. Below that, you can compare it with the T.I. version from 2009.

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