Down By Law Punkrockdays: The Best of DBL

It should be noted this not truly a "best of" record. It's a fan favourites record of only the stuff they released on Epitaph, nothing from Fly the Flag or the Yellow Rat Bastard EP. Despite its selective track listing, it does contain some the best songs of a band that had its share of stinkers too. Listening to this compilation reminds us of just how great a singer and songwriter Dave Smalley can be when he's on his game. Having cut his teeth in DYS, Dag Nasty and All, he's got no shortage of punk rock credibility, but sometimes his love of Britpop overshadowed his punk mission statement. This record contains many great DBL songs, but, as with any compilation, not all of them. Next up for Smalley, a reunion album from Dag "fuckin'” Nasty, due out in July on Revelation Records. (Epitaph)